About Media Compass

Media Compas

Media Compass is a consulting, design and project management company, of multi-system projects of communication and computing networks, multimedia, control and security. We offer our customers a single point of services, of a comprehensive solution for planning and managing the technological aspects of complex projects.

Media Compass specializes in communication and computing systems, multimedia, and control systems, and in projects of the construction of data centers, control centers, conference centers and academia facilities. Our offerings include three services: 

  • Consulting and defining the computing and communication requirements of the project from its inception.
  • Design of the required systems and equipment – ranging from passive network infrastructure and active communication equipment to complex systems such as data centers, command and control systems and large multimedia venues.
  • Supervision and management of the actual execution, until the completion of the project. 

In each project, we provide the technical and budgetary requirements for the realization of architectural planning and accompany the developer or architect as partners in the road, with the aim of realizing the technological and design vision. The company accompanies complex projects, including national and security infrastructure projects, in Israel and abroad. These include, inter alia, technological projects in the public sector (government ministries, municipalities, courts, hospitals, the security establishment and nonprofits), the academic sector (from the Hebrew University to the Interdisciplinary Center), and in the business sector (Intel, El Al, Bezeq, Yes, Elbit Systems, etc.).

Media Compass was founded in 2010 by Dobby Zandman, who has decades of experience in designing and establishing computer, communications and multimedia systems. Dobby Zandman, formerly director of planning services at technology giant IBM, led a series of technology ventures before founding Media Compass, which currently provides consulting and management services to construction, project management and architecture companies alike.

Media Compass works with leading consultants and professionals in the fields of security, security, sound engineering and more, to ensure the most professional and accurate outcome in any project. Our expertise and responsibility is to understand the project environment, and to bridge the client's vision and needs, technological solutions and architectural design requirements. This is in order to streamline the work, reduce the number of entities involved and save on the budget, and above all: provide each project with a complete and technologically correct solution, both business and aesthetic.

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